Each Year Group has its own web page which will be updated throughout the year with relevant information for parents.

Please click a link below to visit each Year Group:

Year 3

Lowry – Mr Williams
Morisot – Mrs Kirk
Picasso – Miss Morgan
Yeats – Mrs Hagan-Guest / Mrs Gandon

Teaching Partners

Mrs Dadson, Mrs deBruin, Ms Neale, Mrs Wood

Year 4

O’Keefe – Miss McLellan
Warhol – Mrs Dunn/Mrs Tyler
Hopper – Mrs Constable / Mr Irons
Tanner – Mr Lindsay

Teaching Partners
Mrs Bridge, Mrs Augustine, Ms Bowman, Mrs Baker

Year 5

Hockney- Mr Farmer
Cassatt – Mrs Dowding
Rembrandt – Mrs Atkins / Mr Tutt
Rousseau – Miss Smith

Teaching Partners

Mrs Blyth, Mrs Jordan. Mrs Misra, Mrs Gukwa

Year 6

Kandinsky – Miss Payne
Marc – Mr Baldwin
De Lempicka – Mr Hart
Mondrian – Miss Webb

Teaching Partners
Mrs England, Mrs Mistry, Mrs Quirke, Mr Wood

Other Teachers

SEN & Support: Mrs Dennis, Mrs Denny
French: Mrs Baldwin