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Welcome back to a new school year. We all hope you had a well deserved break and are ready for the year ahead.

We will continue to work hard to get the best improvement out of the children and to make the year as enjoyable as we can.  As parents/guardians it would be of great benefit to aid us in this by getting the children to read for 20 minutes each evening and to sign their diaries to say they have done so.  We expect the pupils to write into their diaries what book they have read along with what pages and parents/guardians to just initial.




This year we will be studying a range of different topics.  In this term we will be working through Tremors!


Tremors! Overwhelming and mighty, Mother Nature’s awesome energies hiss and roar deep within the Earth. Plates collide, spewing lava. Rocks rain down and mud slides in torrents. Towns and cities vanish under ashen clouds.

Discover the dangerous and ferocious world of natural disasters, and glimpse their savage and deadly effects. Visit the ancient city of historic Pompeii, frozen in time, then create your own blistering explosions from model volcanoes that fire foamy lava. Discover the properties of rocks shaped by the Earth’s breathtaking power.

Watch out! Volcanologists detect formidable rumblings from an extinct volcano in Scotland’s capital. Red alert! What would you do?


Term 1 = Tremors
Term 2 = Tribal Tales
Term 3 = Gods and Mortals
Term 4 = Scrumdiddlyumptious
Term 5 = Flow
Term 6 = Urban Pioneers

What is being taught in Year 3?

Year 3 Maths overview – Click Here to look through the topics that Year 3 will be working on in Maths this year.

Year 3 English overview – to look through the topics that Year 3 will be working on in English this year, Click Here to see the Narrative or Click Here to see the non-fiction overview.

Year 3 Dates

Monday 4th September 2017 – Children back to school

Thursday 12th October 2017 – Year3/4 parent meeting at 2:30pm

Tuesday 21st November 2017 – Year 3 Trip to Museum of Kent Life

Useful Websites

How to log onto My Maths

Sumdog – School Code: balfour-junior-school


Contact Us

If you need to contact us at anytime please use the school diaries or email to contact the class teacher and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.