School Clubs

Out Of School Success!

Charlie Duncan-Woolard (5 Rembrandt) plays ice hockey for Invicta Stampedes. He plays in goal which means he has pucks fired at him at great speeds and it is up to him to save them! He is very brave as well as being great at his job!  

Nellie has been performing on stage again and this time she has taken 1st in Light Jig, 1st in St.Patrick’s day event, 2nd in Hornpipe, 3rd in Trophy Reel, 3rd in Slipjig and 3rd in Treble Reel. Well done Nellie!!


Nellie in the Hot Seat with her new trophies. This time she has taken 1st in Hornpipe, 1st in the Hop Jig, 3rd in Trophy Reel, 6th in Lightjig and 10th in Slipjig. Well done Nellie!!

Sons and Daughters Month

All year round Medway appreciates contributions to foster children within families. Fostering Network have chosen October Sons and Daughters Month to celebrate Katy and Zoe Davis.

They have a vital role in the lives of foster children; they share their parents, their homes and their time which is not easy.

Throughout the month of October, the fostering team will be extending their thanks to Katy and Zoe in different ways and below is a certificate that they received.